We started the Uhma project back on 2007, when we were looking for a place to open a little organic apothecary in order to sell Uhma Nagri Products, our line of organic and natural bath and body products.
The project evolved beautifully into an urban eco-sanctuary, where we not only offer eco-friendly and organic luxurious products, but also very effective organic spa treatments to bring balance, relaxation and total wellbeing.
Uhma Spa & Shop design and concept was based on Biophilic principles (bringing elements of nature indoors)and built under eco-responsible guidelines.
We counted with a group of incredibly talented people to make our project come true:
Max Dautresme, a French designer, responsible for the beautiful design of the store and spa.
Roberto Pedreira a Brazilian architect, a magician with spaces and objects.
Nara Almeida, our green consultant, a graduate from Parson School of Design, who helped with final touches, selecting sustainable materials for the construction and decoration, and designed some unique furniture pieces.
Cristina Gonzalez, an art student at the Chicago Art Institute, who developed the perfect logo and some awesome graphics for Uhma.

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