We are true believers in environmental sustainability. Our involvement with green initiatives is a crucial part of Uhma.
We don’t like and don’t support green-washing, because of that Uhma Organic Spa & Green Shop was designed and built under eco-responsible guidelines and Biophilic principles (bringing elements from nature indoors) to create a relaxing, non-toxic and eco-friendly environment.

At Uhma we:

    • Reuse and recycle all construction materials that were already in place before we start construction
    • Use sustainable domestic American walnut wood though out the spa and shop, making it a very welcoming place
    • Use bamboo on the floors – bamboo grows very fast making it a good source of renewable flooring material
    • Use VOC-free (zero-volatile organic compound) paint
    • Use eco-friendly lightening and bulbs
    • Install tankless gas water heater
    • Install highly efficient energy star appliances, including a washer that allows us to sanitize towels and robes without the use of chemicals and minimum amount of water
    • Install environmentally sound toilets
    • Install HEPA air purifying systems in conjunction with live plants, making Uhma a clean, breathable and allergy-free place
    • Bring to you treatments that use local ingredients, like the Florida  Honey Body Scrub

    In our daily operation we:

      • Filter our own water – no plastic bottles
      • Use only eco-friendly cleaning and sanitizing products
      • Only burn soy candles
      • Don’t use disposable cups and plates, only glass or wooden - In order to minimize waste and pollution
      • Use only shop bags made of recycled materials and certified paper for our menus, intake forms and business cards.
      • Use only disposables when necessary to assure the safety/sanitation of our clients
      • Recycle and reuse papers and plastics
      • Offer bamboo and organic cotton towels and robes,
      • Support local business offering locally manufactured goods at Uhma Shop
      • Use only 100% natural, organic, non-toxic and cruelty-free products in our treatments
      • Support Fair-trade and local business in our spa and shop

      Does it make any difference?
      Every effort counts. We know that Uhma’s green policies by themselves aren’t enough, but as part of a greater effort, they do help to secure a healthier future and make the environment cleaner and more pleasant.

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