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Uhma Spa Awarded Allure Magazine's

Best of the Best Body Treatment; Uhma also picked for Best Massage by Miami New Times ...

The Gift of Well-Being

This is the Holiday gift that goes well beyond opening the wrapping. From a brightening facial...


***Uhma is the first organic Miami Spa***

An urban sanctuary with a non-toxic and eco-friendly environment

Our highly regarded spa treatments use only natural and organic products with a technological and contemporary edge, and our outstanding team of therapists evaluate your needs and help you decide the best treatment, and then customize it for you.

The great variety of treatments, from the effective and relaxing back & shoulder massage to the award-winning Sabai Herbal Ball Massage; from the eye rejuvenation to a deep cleansing and relaxing facial; to a variety of water therapy and body treatments, guarantees you will always find the perfect miami beach spa treatment.

We are constantly researching, designing and developing new and exciting treatments to make your spa experience the richest and most rewarding, and for that we listen to our clients very closely.

The Uhma Spa Approach
  • We approach the day spa experience from the wellness perspective. Every spa treatment incorporates elements that target specific aspects of your wellbeing. In designing our varied spa treatments, we draw from a wide spectrum of knowledge systems, some thousand of years old, some cutting edge. We use aromatherapy, ayurvedic treatments, various massage techniques from traditional massage therapies around the world to the most contemporary body therapies. As a wellness center, we utilize only natural and organic products in our treatments, incorporate the right ammount of technology to create the best spa treatments, and take the biophylic approach, bringing elements from nature to the spa to create a warm, eco-friendly spa, and most enjoyable day spa time.

  • Another very important aspect of the work at Uhma Spa Miami Beach is our focus in people. We like people and we like the contact with people. We like our clients and we like our staff. Our staff is selected and recruited based on two fundamental dimensions: their technical ability - their knowledge of the body, the variables that affect the different parts and workings of the body, the techniques and their effects, how lifestyles impact the wellbeing - and the people skills, their ability to identify with their clients, to understand their needs and desires, and to offer within the repertoire of our spa services and techniques the ones that best address the needs and desires of that person at that moment.
Gift Certificates and Gift Cards

    One of the best gifts you can give is that of wellness. And at Uhma Spa Miami Beach there is wellnes in all kinds of ways.

    You can get Spa Gift Certificate or a Spa Gift Card for a specific treatment, or you can purchase a Gift Certificate or Gift Card for a value and let the recipient decide what to do with it. You can add a gratuity to the Gift Certificate/Gift Card, if you like.

    You can have it sent to the recipient by mail, or Uhma Spa can keep it for the recipient.

    You can purchase the Gift Certificate or Gift Card by phone or in person.

Spa Treatments at Uhma Spa Miami Beach
  • At Uhma Spa we are in constant development of new (and old) techniques, new treatments, new products and services.
  • Our menu is quite varied - here is a quick description of our treatments:
  • Massages Types & Organic, Ayurvedic & Signature Therapies - a full range from the very soothing and relaxing massage, to the most in-depth and therapeutic massage. We offer a Back and Shoulder massage that addresses the most common points of tension and stress in the body; a Destress Massage and the Primal Relaxation Massages, based on the Swedish massage technique; the Deep Touch, a deep tissue massage; the Restorative Massage, that combines the power of the deep tissue, the power of the hot stone massage, and elements of stretching and other techniques; the Thai Yoga Body Work, our updated version of the Thai Massage, is one of the most amazing body treatments you can get - leaves you very loose and renewed. The massage therapist applies assisted yoga poses to your body and helps it release tension and loosen-up. It is great to increase range of movement and agility. The Sabai Herbal Ball Massage, a Thai massage that combines hand work and a massage with special Thai herbs applied to the pressure points of the body. The Mother's Touch Pre-Natal, a prenatal massage also called pregnancy massage, utilizes a set of special cushions that keep the mom-to-be comfortable at all times while the massage therapist works on the spots that frequently get sore and tight from bearing the weight, helping with the pain and soreness and also with the range of movement. The Pedikarma™, the Ayurvedic foot massage, which is base on the feet but incredibly relaxes the whole body with its Tibetan reflexology techniques; The Jade Organic Body Scub & Massage, a full body massage that engages the special help of Jade, a mineral used for ages by old civilizations as a conduit of energy to the body.
  • Facials - our approach to facials is to minimize aggression to your skin with the gentlest manipulation and the products that work the best and are the cleanest and kindest to your skin, body and the planet. We will apply Eminence products.                                    
Uhma Spa Miami Beach
  • Uhma Spa Miami Beach welcomes our clients from many corners of the world to our Organic Wellness Center!
  • From one of our clients: "Uhma is one of the best spas in Miami - if not the best!"                                                    

Sexual Remarks, Requests or Suggestions are not tolerated at Uhma Spa. Said behavior will result in appointment termination, appointment be paid in full and immediate removal of client.


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